Chiefs-Rams — Tale of the Tape

Usually, this column for the Monday Night game is a breakdown of the game with a strong emphasis on fantasy football. This upcoming matchup, a possible Super Bowl preview, is going to take a different approach. Below is the tale of the tape comparing the Chiefs and the Rams. Oh, and for fantasy purposes, make sure you get every possible player from this game in your lineup that you can…it is that simple.


Obviously, Jared Goff and Patrick Mahomes benefit a great deal from their respective situations. There will be more about that later of course. But which of these two is the better player right now? Goff absolutely is living up to his first overall pick in the draft status and continues to improve. More is on his plate this year and he is running with it. But the edge here goes to Mahomes. Both quarterbacks are poised beyond their years and are clearly excelling as they lead two elite offenses, but there is more of a wow factor with Mahomes and his pure talents gives him the edge here.

Edge: Chiefs

Running Back


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