Baltimore Ravens’ Problem is Players not John Harbaugh

In addition to writing for Clayton Football, I also work in my home city of Pittsburgh for Steelers Nation Radio and co-host a daily show. Leading up to the Steelers’ Week 9 trip to Baltimore, I did quite a bit dissecting of the matchups in that game. In the end, what I concluded was that the Ravens had very few, if any, matchups on paper that favored then against Pittsburgh. Needless to say, this is very concerning as Baltimore now sits at 4-5 and firmly behind the 5-2-1 Steelers in the AFC North.

Now, that isn’t to say that Baltimore is a terrible football team or on other given weeks, it wouldn’t have more matchups in its favor. And, they blew the doors off the Steelers in Pittsburgh just a few weeks earlier, which can’t be forgotten.

From the top down, this is a strong organization and the talk of dismissing John Harbaugh from his duties during the season or even during this much-needed Week 10 bye is ludicrous. From owner, to general manager to head coach, Baltimore has been one of the top organizations over Harbaugh’s tenure. However, in that chain of command, Ozzie Newsome is no longer on board and the last link in that chain that wasn’t mentioned, quarterback, is and has been a liability for some time now. Now, if Harbaugh’s message has gotten old or the Ravens players are no longer responding to him, a change should be considered this offseason … but certainly not now. Harbaugh is an excellent head football coach and wouldn’t be unemployed long.


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