49ers’ Star Tight End George Kittle Goes One-on-One

George Kittle is becoming a familiar name to even the causal NFL fan.

The second-year San Francisco 49er is proving to be one of the better tight ends in the NFL. He is having a huge year for the injury-ravaged 49ers. Kittle, 25, has 41 catches for 692 yards (that’s a whopping 16.9 per catch average) and three touchdowns

Kittle was cool enough to conduct a Q and A with Clayton Football on Wednesday. Here we go:

Did your Week 9 34-3 win over the Bay Area rival Raiders give the team an energy boost?

Kittle: “Anytime you win, you feel better. Winning cures all, so yeah, we feel better after winning after six losses. It feels good.”

You made some headlines for cheering on quarterback Nick Mullins in his interview with the NFL Network on the field last Thursday. What struck me was you were surrounded by Raiders fans. How did that happen?

Kittle: “It was funny, they were the only people down there. I thought I was going to get a hostile reaction, but they were great. They were like ‘we love you.’ I was like ‘yeaaaahhh.’ It was very fun.”

What struck me about Nick in his first game last week was his makeup. He seems very in control for such an inexperienced guy. It that a fair assessment?

Kittle:’ “Definitely. Nick deserves all of his success because of his preparation. On the first snap when we went in the huddle, he was in command. He has been the whole time. He didn’t miss a step.”

I know your record is 2-7, but it seems like coach Kyle Shanahan deserves a lot of credit for keeping you guys going in a tough season.

Kittle: “Coach Shanahan comes in each week and installs a great offensive game plan. It’s fun to watch it get installed and then play the game with it. He and the staff do a great job with it.”

I don’t know if you’re aware, but you are getting a lot of love on the mid-season All-Pro teams.

 Ktttle: “We still have seven games left. Of course, I see things on social media and things, but you have to put it on the back burner. The focus is on finishing the season strong and that’s what I’m going to do.”

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