What Teams are Favorites to Land Oregon QB Justin Herbert

OK, it’s just the middle of October and there is plenty of NFL to be played this season.

Yet, because this is an ever-trending forward league, it’s always relevant to look toward the future and it appears were will have another intriguing offseason.

The 2019 draft appears to be loaded. There are several unit-changing defensive players available. However, this has always and will always be a quarterback-driven league. Quarterbacks especially rule in the draft.

While defenders like Nick Bosa and Ed Oliver will have plenty of draft house, there appears to be one name to keep the closest eye on – Justin Hebert of Oregon. Yes, the quarterback.

Scouts are talking Herbert up as a special talent and better than all of the high picked quarterbacks of recent years. If that’s the case, there will be plenty of teams jockeying to get him beginning prior to the February combine, which is not too far away.

So, let’s look at some of the early contenders for Herbert, presented in alphabetical order:

Denver: This may be one of the favorites. The Broncos are 2-4 and probably headed for another top-five pick. Herbert has been compared to John Elway. I’m sure Elway would like to get someone like him on his team. Case Keenum isn’t working out and he has a short contract. I can see Elway trying everything he can do to get a new quarterback.

Jacksonville: A longshot because the Jaguars would have to trade a lot to get this done. But the Jaguars are pretty set other than at quarterback. It would be worth it.

L.A. Chargers: Another longshot. Philip Rivers will turn 37 in December. But he is still playing at a high level. But Chargers could try to spend big and get some excitement going for the future in the new stadium. They are going to be roommate, the Rams’ caddie. They need to build some excitement in L.A.

Miami: Another longshot. But if the Dolphins decide Ryan Tannehill isn‘t the guy, they could make a bold move.

New England: Tom Brady isn’t going to be there forever, right? At some point, Bill Belichick is going to make a big move.

New York Giants: Another favorite. The Giants could get the No. 1 pick. They would have to take Herbert, right? Eli Manning is done. The Giants could be in good shape for the future with Herbert, Saquon Barkley and OBJ.

Oakland: They have Derek Carr, right? Well, with Jon Gruden running the show that might not matter. If the Raiders get the No. 1 pick and Chucky, a sucker for quarterbacks, falls for Herbert, Gruden will trade Carr and take Herbert.

San Francisco: The 49ers love Jimmy Garoppolo. But his injury could cause the 49ers to get the No.1 pick. If Kyle Shanahan decides he loves Herbert more than Jimmy G., he could get a huge return for the veteran. Just something to think about.

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