New York Giants Should Trade for Jacoby Brissett

The Trade To Make:

Giants Send 2019 2nd Round Pick to Colts For Jacoby Brissett

Now this is a move that has not been rumored or speculated, but the Giants absolutely should be on the phone with the Colts about Brissett. New York can’t move next year’s first rounder, because it is too valuable. But the Colts should be very interested in that second rounder that very well could end up being a top 35 pick overall. Andrew Luck is certainly rounding back into shape and Indianapolis needs as many future picks they can get. Maybe even a lesser offer pries Brissett out of Indianapolis.

Brissett has learned his craft from Tom Brady and now Andrew Luck and absolutely has starting traits. He faired well last year in Indianapolis with Luck out of the lineup, but fizzled out as the season went along with very little help around him. Brissett’s situation was so bad last year that he rarely had the opportunity to drive the ball down the field, one of his best skills. Brissett’s touch and ball placement are also vastly underrated. Brissett values the football without sacrificing the ability to make big plays and take chances. His pocket presence needs works, but there is a lot to work with here. Brissett’s contract status would have him under a very cheap contract through the 2019 season, which is plenty of time to analyze him.

He could be the long-term answer in New York. The Giants could acquire Brissett, get him prepared as quickly as possible, insert him into the lineup and evaluate him for the remainder of the 2018 season. If Brissett doesn’t excel, the Giants can still look at a quarterback at the top of next year’s draft. This is the perfect guy for New York to look at adding right now.

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